Senior Care


“You have this problem because of your age: You don’t need to treat it” is a phrase that undermines the health and wellness of this very valuable segment of our population. While it is true that some functions will decline as we get older it’s also because seniors may not take care of themselves as they age, particularly when living alone. The Basics of Healthy Living are important to maintain in our Golden Years: healthy diet, exercise, good sleep and mindfulness. Dr. Clack has been studying Gerontology (the study of aging) for several years, to help his own parents as well as patients. This knowledge is helping stop or delay the aging process and giving seniors access to longevity approaches as taught from “The Blue Zones” and experts like Dr. Dale Bredersen.


Memory & Cognitive Enhancement

Wouldn't it be fun to eat and exercise your way to better cognitive function? These are two proven approaches, documented in science...

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Anti-aging & Disease Prevention

Twenty years ago, Time magazine published an article about the health problems caused by inflammation.

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Strength Improvement

Falls could be devastating for anyone but especially for seniors, leaving them to recuperate for months on end in a hospital.

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