Mental Health


Mental health concerns are on the rise in modern society, and it is affecting children as well as adults. This makes mental health one of the most important health factors at home as well as in school and workplace settings. Stress is an underlying source behind anxiety or depression; it may not be possible to treat your mental health problems without addressing stress proactively and supporting your adrenal glands at the same time. Counselling or psychotherapy will be more effective when your body and neurotransmitter pathways are supported by healthy diet, restorative sleep, exercise and mindfulness. Dr. Clack will help you put together a program that fits for you.



Many minor health problems and metabolic problems can contribute to Autism symptoms and behaviours.

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This disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is now affecting 1 in 5 to 10 children – that’s up to 3 children in every classroom.

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Did your child’s obsessive behaviour start soon after they had a strep throat infection?

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Anxiety & Depression

Does your family have a history of these symptoms? How much stress do you struggle with?

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