Many minor health problems and metabolic problems can contribute to Autism symptoms and behaviours. Dr. Clack has over 15 years of experience testing and identifying food sensitivities, infections, toxin exposures, and nutrient insufficiencies in children with Autism. Treatments are creatively recommended for each child, based on their needs and their ability to take the medicines.


Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition counselling explores an individual’s diet- what part of it might be contributing to their health problems and subsequently giving recommendations...

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Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are vitamins and minerals that are admittedly synthesized but which provide the basic nutrition for body function.

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Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are extracts from plants which typically come from roots, leaves or flowers.

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Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicines are preparations from mostly plant materials and minerals, but rather than the pharmacological activity of herbs, homeopathic medicines are more energetic in their action.

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