Taking homeopathic medicines

Pellets (white globules)

Dispense two or three pellets from the medicine container. Most containers use a "twist cap" mechanism – twist the cap, and a pellet will fall out. Do not handle the pellets. Pour the pellets from the cap into your mouth. If the container does not come with a dispenser or separate cap, pour the pellets onto a clean piece of paper (fold and hold like a funnel) and let the pellets roll into the mouth.

Let the pellets dissolve completely under the tongue.

Always take the remedy at least 15 minutes away from other medicines, foods, drinks, or anything that may leave a residual taste in your mouth. It is important to take homeopathic medicines alone, as the flavor of other substances may nullify the effect of the homeopathic medicine. You may take other supplements with water before placing the homeopathic remedy in your mouth.

Small children: Put the pellets into 1‐2 ounces of distilled water (or RO – reverse osmosis water) in a glass (preferably not plastic). Let the pellets sit for 10‐15 minutes. Swirl or stir the water (with a metal spoon) in a clockwise direction. Give 1 tsp. of the water (now containing the medicine) as a dose.