Menopausal concerns

HRT or no HRT?

This is a very serious question. After the study by the WHO (World Health Organization) was released in 2003, millions of women and their family doctors have been challenged with this question. Medical doctors seem to be taking a wait‐and‐see attitude (in general), or leave it to their patients to make the decision whether to continue or not.

A recent scan of medical articles listed on PubMed indicate that a significant amount of research continues on the effect of HRT for treatment of osteoporosis and heart disease amongst other conditions.

Comments are coming from patients about women, either themselves or relatives and/or friends, who are experimenting with discontinuation of HRT. Clearly the transition is not easy – many find that the symptoms, such as hot flashes, that initiated the use of HRT return very quickly. For women in their 60's, this is very disturbing indeed. Now the question becomes: "should I go back on HRT and accept the increased risk of stroke or cancer?" When this question occurs, it would seem that women are not aware of their options. In naturopathic medicine, several effective treatments are available.