Optimal Health Program for Children & Adults

The chronic diseases that burden the lives of Canadians, as well as our health care system, are not being properly addressed by modern healthcare. Science is searching for solutions but only targets single ideas or factors. Chronic diseases have multi-factorial roots, a concept that holistic practitioners such as Naturopathic Doctors attempt to address every day.

Canadians hear about some of these concepts in the media: epigenetic influences; the role of the microbiome; and why detoxification is so important. Annual check-ups using standard diagnostic tests generally leave the impression that people are healthy but they aren't really prevention-oriented. Touchstone Naturopathic Centre and Dr. Scott Clack can offer a complete range of functional health testing, to show if your body is functioning at its full, healthy potential. The testing that is available includes:

  • Organic Acids Testing – Great Plains Laboratory (GPL) or Genova Diagnostics (NutriVal and OptiONE)
  • Amino Acids Testing – GPL or Genova
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis and/or Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis – Doctors Data Lab or Genova/Metagenics
  • Hair Analysis or Urine Toxic Elements – Doctors Data Lab
  • IgE, IgG and/or IgA Food Allergy Testing – Rocky Mountain Analytical Lab

Please arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr. Clack to learn more about this prevention-oriented approach to Optimizing Your Health.