Autism: Food Matters

Healing the digestive system is a key component for many diseases, and ASD is no exception. However, healing the gut is no easy feat, nor does it happen overnight. This program has been designed to help parents understand the complicated issues involved and help them maneuvre through each phase.

Changing your diet is not always easy, and that is particularly true for changing the diet for an ASD child and their family. Warning: there will be some tough days ahead. However, without changing the diet, true healing cannot happen. This program gives the basics of a GF/DF diet as well as a deeper understanding of the body and the effects of foods. An understanding of how the gut and brain are working in response to food is of upmost importance for being able to stay on track and focusing on the end goal.

The program is guided by Laurel Berry, a Certified holistic nutritionist, and is specifically designed for a small group setting so we can learn from others' experiences and support one another. It is also encouraged that both parents attend. Making necessary diet changes will need the family support and is much more effective when both parents work together with the same mindset.

Session One: The Fundamentals

In this session the fundamentals of a truly healthy diet are taught. This is the starting point for healing. Truly understanding what is needed in the body and what is not is the key to regaining and maintaining health. Only by having a good understanding of the basics are we unable to move forward. (Gluten free and dairy free will be part of the fundamentals and further explored in session 2.)

Session Two: The Digestive System

This session focuses on what is happening in the digestive system and the foods that cause damage and the foods that heal. We will explore a healthy gut verses the autistic gut, what is dysbiosis, effects of gluten containing grains, dairy, and other harmful food additives. This session will give a better understanding of why foods are included or excluded for the ASD diet.

Session Three: Healing The Gut

This session will clean the diet up even more for a short period of time. The focus is on foods for healing the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and how to prepare and cook food for easier digestion; giving that energy not to digestion, but to healing.

Session Four: New Foods, New Ingredients

Once the "healing the gut" phase is complete, we are ready to look at new ingredients for cooking and baking. Baked goods are not out of the question, they just have to be adapted to the new philosophies for eating. We will explore not only gluten free grains, but grain free baking. This style of baking will work well to support continued gut healing.

Session Five: Toxins In The Home

Our houses host harmful toxins in so many areas. These toxins are absorbed into our bodies and add to our overall toxic load. For true healing and health, it is important to keep the toxins out as much as possible. For an autistic child this is of key importance as their bodies are already burdened with toxins.

Session Six: Moving Forward

This session will focus on bringing all of the sessions together. It will look at how to move forward with eating concepts discussed in the program, when to add new foods, and when to take a step back if needed.

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