This of course varies by the practitioner you're seeing. Your Naturopathic Doctor could recommend any of the following:
At this time, none of our modalities are covered by OHIP. Extended Health Insurance coverage is available from most providers for Naturopathic Medicine (ranges $350 to $1200/year per person is average) and Acupuncture ($300 to $500 per year per person, possibly more) but you must check your specific policy to understand your coverage. Your insurance company may reimburse for supplements or natural medicines: check your policy for further details.
Most common health complaints that you would visit a family physician for, can benefit from one of these health care systems. Usually they are integrated where patients will receive these treatments in the process of their care. Specific examples of conditions that can be treated include:
At this time, the differences between these two systems of natural medicine are training and professional regulation. Naturopathic Medicine has always been a regulated profession in Ontario since 1925. Under the regulatory act, Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario have been required to complete their training at a recognized, accredited college and pass NPLEX licensing exams. ND's in Ontario are also required to pass a Jurisprudence test and practical examinations. Homeopaths on the other hand have had the option of college training programs (often 3 year programs), but in Ontario this training has not been required. Therefore, some homeopaths are lay-practitioners who learn from books or other sources. This will change in the near future when the College of Homeopaths of Ontario completes its Transition phase.