The Magic of NAET

The Magic of NAET

As a doctor, I am always trying my best to stay on top of new information and treatments that can help my patients. Recently I began to appreciate that I have learned some effective techniques but have been keeping them a “secret” from some of my patients.


The treatment program that I wish to stand up and shout about is NAET: Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. I have been trained as an NAET practitioner since 2000. It is most often recommended to my patients who suffer from environmental or food allergies.

As an ND I know that many people suffer from “hidden” allergies – reactions to many things in their daily lives that don't produce typical allergy symptoms, such as tearing eyes, runny nose or sneezing. These hidden allergies though are one very important underlying factor in health. In 2001 I treated 2 severely autistic children (my first of many to come) with NAET. Both were following healthy organic diets, taking many supplements. After 3-4 months of NAET treatments (usually weekly) these children improved in ways that weren't expected. From these examples and several that followed I realized the primary reason for including NAET in the treatment of all patients: NAET helps the body absorb/assimilate and metabolize the nutrients in food and therapeutic supplements to help optimize the body's ability to heal itself. It is common sense: without proper nutrition the body cannot function properly to maintain good health and protect people from all the toxins that modern life exposes us to.

There are other allergy elimination techniques, but none of them are validating their results in the way that NAET is committed to. NAET is a (insurance) recognized treatment for asthma in the U.S. A medical study on the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders with NAET was published in Integrative Medicine in October/November 2011 (Integrative Medicine, Oct/Nov 2011; 10(5):36-43). In my clinical experience I have found some other allergy treatments leave certain aspects relating to allergies untreated – cofactors (known as combinations), metabolic defects, and emotions. Feeling better is one thing: being healthy takes more effort.

At the 2011 NAET Symposium, I was reminded that NAET has been helpful in treating many health problems that are not considered to be allergy-related: HIV/AIDS, mold intoxication, Colitis & Crohn's.

So be prepared: NAET will be recommended for every patient who comes to see Dr. Clack. With your consent, It will be integrated into every visit, but separate appointments are recommended.

Admittedly for some patients it can be a long and complicated treatment. Many allergens will need many treatments, to clear co-factors, layers and even emotions. Most patients will improve after being treated for the 15 Basic treatments; once you have seen the results from this base, you can decide how you wish to continue. I will teach every patient how to treat themselves at home to control some costs, but in complex cases office treatments will still be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly does NAET do?

  • NAET is an energetic rebalancing treatment. Allergens or toxins exert negative energy on our bodies and their function; NAET reduces and balances that negative energy to harmonize those substances, allowing the person to be exposed to them without any (or minimal) negative effect.

How many NAET treatments will I need?

  • On average, patients need at least 15-25 treatments. These treatments cover the basics of a person's allergies, in many cases covering the allergen that concerns them the most.
  • Anaphylactic allergy patients should expect at least 50 treatments.

How often should I come for treatment(s)?

  • Once a week is the optimal frequency of treatments. This will help you to progress as quickly as possible, allowing you to benefit as early as possible in your health improvements. If possible, 2 treatments per week are recommended if your allergies are serious, or are having a significant impact on your quality of life. Ultimately you must choose your frequency of visits – longer time periods between treatments does not reduce the efficacy of NAET, it only delays the benefits you can receive.

How do you treat seasonal allergies (e.g. Hayfever)?

  • Patients with seasonal allergies should be treated for, and clear, the Basic 15 well in advance of the allergy season. Experience has shown that the most difficult time to treat a seasonal allergy is when the allergen is present – you cannot properly avoid the allergen for any period of time when the pollen is in full bloom. Treatment of any seasonal allergen should be done mont before the season starts, or several months after the allergens/pollens have stopped altogether.
  • If you are struggling during your allergy season, and supplements and/or antihistamine medications are not helping, consider getting homeopathic allergy shots of Pasc Allerg – this product has been very helpful for patients in recent years

What else can I do to help myself while undergoing NAET?

  • Dietary modifications
  • Probiotics, Zinc, Phytosterol supplements
  • Clean your home regularly and use a quality air filter (e.g. Pure Air Experts, Savair, or IQ Air); be sure to use environmentally friendly cleaning products that won't add to the toxic air at home
  • Drink purified, filtered water
  • Sleep well or get some help if you don't sleep properly
  • Acupuncture treatments can also be effective for allergy relief: see Dr. Clack.

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